With the recent pass of my Salesforce Administrator Certification, I have had a lot of people reach out to me wanting to know what I did, what I studied, and how I did it in 2 months. I decided that rather than reaching out to all of you individually, I would write an article.

So to start, you CAN get this cert comfortably in 8 weeks. It is a matter of being dedicated and driven to achieving it. Before I started working, I was a stay at home mother to a baby boy, and used the times before he woke up, when he was napping, and after he went to sleep to study.

It WAS hard. I lost sleep, woke up early, and stayed up late. I’m not saying that getting this certification is going to be easy, but I AM saying it will be worth it.

More on my story in a future post, but getting in the Salesforce Ecosystem took an unemployed Veteran to employed within 4 weeks. It can do things of the same magnitude for you!


To start, before I ever tried to take my exam, I studied Trailhead.com religiously. The two trails: Admin Beginner and Admin Intermediate helped me tremendously. You MUST understand the platform before attempting this course, and if you don’t – you will fail. No matter how many flash cards you study. Understanding the platform first is paramount.

After I had done those two trails (and some others), I purchased Mike Wheeler’s Administrator Udemy Course. It is 10 hours of GREAT information. Some of the things which I recall Mike saying in the course were on my exam.

More than anything, though, I think Mike does a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating the platform. I walked away with a much better understanding of Salesforce after his course.

When I even started implementing Salesforce for my company I went back through his course to enable some features that I had not learned from Trailhead. Mike’s course is extremely helpful, and I have already purchased his next: Platform App Builder.

After completing Mike’s course, I went straight to Quizlet to study some of the sets on there. You can find many good ones, but google the answers so you know that you are not learning wrong answers. A set that helped me was an 84 term list by the user fayadeve, and a Salesforce Ben study set by Salesforce Scott. If you understand both of those sets and why the answers are what they are – you will do very well. In fact, here is my breakdown of scoring:

Standard and Custom Objects: 88%

AppExchange: 100%

Security and Access: 77%

Workflow/Process Automation: 100%

Service and Support Applications: 62%

Data Management: 83%

Activity Management and Collaboration: 100%

User Setup: 100%

Desktop and Mobile Administration: 100%

Organization Set-Up (Global UI): 100%

Analytics - Reports and Dashboards: 100%

Sales and Marketing Applications: 87%

Many people tell you to take the full amount of time on the test, but I was done with a ton of time to spare. I went through my answers one more time, and submitted. When you feel comfortable, go ahead and submit the test. Don’t second guess yourself and change some answers (I did this and changed them to the wrong answer). Always go with your gut.

I hope this post was helpful, and please reach out to me if you need ANYTHING!

See you out there in the cloud!